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Wine & Whiskey Review

Wine & Whiskey - Nikki Belaire





Wine and Whiskey is about two professional individuals, Nick DeMarco and Shea Armstrong, who feel a strong connection to each other, both physically and emotionally, from the moment they meet.  Each carry with them a form or emotional baggage that neither has really dealt with effectively.


Nick business secrets that take a tole on their very new, very deep relationship that affects not only themselves but the people around them.  All he wants to do is protect Shea from harm which always seems to back fire the harder he tries.


All Shea wants to do is listen to her gut instinct, even if it means going against what her friends think is best.


Every time I thought I could put the book down, Nikki threw in another twist or turn keeping me engrossed until I couldn't keep my eyes open.  I have to admit, I was mad at both Nick's and Shea's behaviours at times, giving me conflicting feelings.  Often I wanted to give each of them a slap across the face and yell "WHY?"


I gave this book 4 because some of the characters reactions just didn't feel/seem authentic to me.  If I were writing the story I felt I would have chosen different responses in certain situations. The version I had also contained some grammatical errors which really weren't hard to pick out.


Nikki did a great job creating a story like no other, drawing the reader in and making the characters come to life.