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Haute Couture

Author: Joslyn Westbrook


SYNOPSIS via Goodreads


Breaking News: Mr. Right Is Always Mr. Wrong...


Lauren Blake, fashionista extraordinaire, has what almost every woman wants: Glamour. Fortune. Prestige. Plus a new driver who she finds terribly annoying, despite his good looks. As the creator of the popular clothing line she's worked years to build, Lauren's got no time for love. Unless, of course, she's able to capture the eye of the—OMG He's So Hot—neighbor who just moved in across the way.


Jaxson Malone's celebrity-like world came crashing down the moment he was dumped in front of millions on a popular American TV reality show. Desperate to escape the humiliation, he heads to France where he takes over his grandfather's limousine business—and meets a stunning woman who is everything he never dreamed of falling in love with. The only problem is...she's got her eyes on someone else.

Set in Paris, France, Haute Couture, is the second book in the Razzle My Dazzle series of romantic tales with a splash of glitz.




Haute Couture is the first novel I have read by Joslyn Westbrook and she didn't disappoint.  Her ability to create strong female characters who know what they want and work hard to get it, is enlightening. Haute Couture's storyline was realistic without losing that little bit of drama to keep it entertaining, I couldn't put the book down. I can't wait to read more books in her Razzle My Dazzle series.


MAKE ME.....



Author :Adele Hart


Sometimes all we are looking for is a quicky and Adele Hart delivers.  Be aware that these books share detailed hot and heavy love scenes with passion and emotion.  Her stories are more than a romp in the hay with explicit detail.  She delivers a quality short with a decent storyline.  The best part of the books are her little forwards, always made me giggle.  Adele aims to please.




Sexy pilot. Uptight, overworked city girl. Stranded on a deserted island together. Oh, there’s going to be some serious hanky and a whole lot of panky…


Twenty-four-year-old junior magazine editor, Paige Stanwood, is screwed. She has exactly five hours to get to her sister’s wedding on a private Caribbean island, but she’s missed the last ferry. So, she does what any good maid of honor would do—she charters a float plane to get her there. Little does she know that the world’s sexiest (and most obnoxious) pilot will be taking her. And I mean taking her...


Thirty-seven-year-old pilot, Mac Gamble, avoids drama at all costs, so he almost says no when a crazy, young woman in a ridiculous peach ball gown begs him to fly her to her sister’s wedding. He has no idea he’s about to spend a week stranded with her on a deserted island, and that by the end of it, he’s never going to want to let her go.




A great quick read full of humor and heat.

Paige lives a busy life which seems completely controlled by her job.  Unable to separate her work life so it doesn't affect her personal life, she becomes perpetually late for all family events, so no surprise it also affects her commitment to her sister.  Thinking she can just buy her way into fixing the issue she tries to hire Mac.  Against his better judgement he tries to get her to her destination on time.  Sometimes lessons are learned the hard way and Paige definitely needed a lesson in responsibility.





Two strangers. One Week. No limits. No promises. No regrets.

Millie McDaniel is a young woman with a big bucket list. Once a year, she sneaks away from her high-stress job and her overbearing father/boss to fill her bucket. This year, she’s hiking through Yellowstone Park, but her trip goes awry on day one when her guide breaks an ankle. Suddenly Millie finds herself alone in the woods. Luckily incredibly hot Mica Kinnamen, who’s not only an experienced hiker, but knows his way around a woman’s body, shows up exactly when she needs him most.


Wealthy advertising executive, Mica Kinnamen, gives himself one week a year where he leaves it all behind. No cell phones, no laptops, no Manhattan traffic jams. But his plans to spend seven days alone in nature takes a sexy turn when the woman of his dreams winds up on the same trail.


They agree to one week of no limits, no promises, and no regrets, but will it be enough to satisfy their hunger for each other? Or will it take a lifetime to satisfy their need for each other?




Sometimes we think we can do more than we actually can and Millie figures this out quickly while trying to cross just one more thing off her bucket list.  But soon I was wishing I was Millie getting rescued by Mica and enjoying every lesson he was willing to give me.

Yet again, I was sucked into the best quickie I have read.  Adele keeps me coming back for more.




Libby Ferall isn’t looking for a good time when she boards the Southern Cross, a ship making its maiden voyage to the Caribbean. She’s the plus one on her sister’s working vacation—a vacation that is sure to turn into drunken debauchery for everyone but Libby. Instead, she plans to spend the entire cruise in the eighth-floor library where she can edit stories she can only dream of living. But she’s about to learn that even the best of plans can change when one of the world’s sexiest, most eligible bachelors sets her sails aflutter.


Asa Cross has spent his life building a shipping empire. Like a pirate, he sails the seas and gathers limitless treasures. Asa has everything a man wants—or so he thinks. That is until he meets Libby Ferall. Her eyes are like rare Sapphires. Her body is like an unexplored island. Asa immediately knows that Libby is the next bounty he’ll collect and he won’t be satisfied until he’s made her his treasure.




Sometimes we don't even know what we are looking for till it's right in front of us.  Libby and her sister have different priorities, choosing to enjoy the cruise in different ways, for Libby that meant working.  Little did she know that she caught the eye of cruise ship owner Asa the minute he walked in the room.


Yet again, I was not disappointed.  Adele's storylines are always more than sex and infatuation. Her characters are real and believable.  The emotions are raw and honest.  Best of all, you don't feel like reading her books are your dirty little secret.


Wine & Whiskey Review

Wine & Whiskey - Nikki Belaire





Wine and Whiskey is about two professional individuals, Nick DeMarco and Shea Armstrong, who feel a strong connection to each other, both physically and emotionally, from the moment they meet.  Each carry with them a form or emotional baggage that neither has really dealt with effectively.


Nick business secrets that take a tole on their very new, very deep relationship that affects not only themselves but the people around them.  All he wants to do is protect Shea from harm which always seems to back fire the harder he tries.


All Shea wants to do is listen to her gut instinct, even if it means going against what her friends think is best.


Every time I thought I could put the book down, Nikki threw in another twist or turn keeping me engrossed until I couldn't keep my eyes open.  I have to admit, I was mad at both Nick's and Shea's behaviours at times, giving me conflicting feelings.  Often I wanted to give each of them a slap across the face and yell "WHY?"


I gave this book 4 because some of the characters reactions just didn't feel/seem authentic to me.  If I were writing the story I felt I would have chosen different responses in certain situations. The version I had also contained some grammatical errors which really weren't hard to pick out.


Nikki did a great job creating a story like no other, drawing the reader in and making the characters come to life.